TeamSpeak3 Help

Below is some tweak/fix info, mainly for Vista/Windows 7 and Realtek systems...YMMV

I've figured out a few things about TS3 today. I still think TS3 is better software than Ventrilo.
 The Vista/Win7 problems we've been having exist with both...and I think I've figured out the fix,
 at least the fix for those OSs and Realtek Mixers.
 More on that here.

In general when using TS or Ventrilo, etc, be sure to disable your in-game voice system if the game has one.
Games like L4D and L4D2, DO have that capability. So go into  your game options and be sure that is disabled.

Also, it's a good idea in Vista/Windows 7 for TS, Ventrilo, etc., to check
 the "Run as Administrator" checkbox in the shortcut Compatibility options.
There should NOT be a need to run in Compatibility mode for an
 older OS (like XP) IF you have installed and are running
 a 64bit version of the client on a 64bit OS.

To setup quick-connect to our FFC TS3 Server:
1. Start up TS3 and connect to our server.
2. Click on the server name (FFC TS3 Server) in the left panel, so it's highlited.
3. Click on Bookmarks in the top menu.
4. Click on Add to Bookmarks.
5. In the Bookmarks list that appears, make sure our server name is the one highlited.
6. Click on "More" in the lower left.
7. Check the "Connect on Startup" checkbox, lower right.
8. "Apply" and "OK" to return.
Now it should auto connect next time you startup TS3.


Example: How to setup a hotkey to toggle your mic on/off:
(see picture below for reference)

1. In the TS3 Settings->Options->Hotkeys, click the middle Add button
2. This brings up the Hotkey Setup Dialog
3.  In the Action section, scroll down to Status Change
4. Scroll down to Toggle, then click the arrow and choose Microphone
5. Click on the Hotkey button at the top
6. Hit the key combination you want to use to toggle the mic on/off
(try to choose keys that won't conflict with any binds in your games!)
7. Hit OK to save


Tutorial: Fixing TeamSpeak 3 Microphone (Capture Device) Confusion

In the above picture...The slider bar in the Settings->Options->Capture section of TS3 above "Test Voice" seems to correspond to the Sensitivity control in Ventrilo. You slide it backward to increase the Sensitivity. I set mine for about -30, YMMV.

Also note in the picture that I've chosen "Direct Sound" for Capture, and I've unchecked all the Advanced Options...mine sounds best that way.

The "losing your microphone after each reboot or more often" fix seems to be related to the Capture device setting. Note in the picture that mine now says "Mic at rear panel.." etc..
I had to choose that one (actually TS3 detected the change and suggested it) after I changed my Realtek Manager setup...again, read on.

What was happening was that in the Realtek HD Audio Manager, there was only one device showing for both front and rear panel inputs. I use the rear. But it was defaulting to looking at the front. So after each reboot, I'd have to unplug/replug the device so the Manager would detect "where" the mic existed to get it to work again. To fix this, I had to separate all my inputs in the Manager first. See the above picture. You have to bring up your Manager application (I get there by right-click'n the orange speaker in my tray, then choose Sound Manager).

In the Manager upper right corner, click the "Device advanced settings" link. That brings up the middle dialog in the picture, where you choose "Separate all input jacks..." in the Recording Device section. This will add tabs to the Manager for each input jack. You then click on the tab for your mic location, set the settings (volume, etc) and be sure to set it for both Default Device and Default Communication Device on the same tab page.

So far in testing, ^this has solved my mic problems.

For reference, below are pictures of each tab of my Windows Sound settings for the Recording tab, specifically for my Mic which is plugged into the rear panel input. Hopefully this will help you set yours correctly!








Page last updated: 04.02.10